Kelly McParland: Stephen Harper may be wrong about Zunera Ishaq. But he’s right about Canadians

National Post

Stephen Harper’s remarks regarding the Muslim woman who wants to wear her niqab while taking the citizenship oath are so Stephen Harper.

He may be wrong on the underlying insinuation, but in a foxy political sense he is 100% correct: a lot of Canadians – if not “most” as Mr. Harper suggests – probably do think it’s offensive that someone seeking to become a new citizen of the country would refuse to show their face.
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As he said, “This is a society that is transparent, open and where people are equal.” For a person requesting the privilege of Canadian citizenship to insist on following a practice that is the antithesis of “transparent, open and equal”, and at the very moment the privilege is being granted, strikes a lot of people as patently nonsensical.

Zunera Ishaq, the Toronto woman who started the kerfuffle by insisting she has a right…

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